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Mechanicsville’s leading heart and vascular treatments and clinic! Our heart experts offer an array of diagnostic and treatment options for cardiovascular disease. 

Cardiovascular Medicine Mechanicsville

Cardiovascular medicine refers to the health care that specialized in treating conditions and diseases of the heart and vascular systems. In other words, common disorders of the heart include:

Heart and Vascular Mechanicsville

At Richmond Heart & Vascular, our team provides imaging tests such as echocardiagrams, stress tests, electrocardiograms (EKG or ECG) and advanced lipid testing and preventative care for cardiac disease. Because there are a range of testing options available, it is easy to get confused, but our team of experts can help guide you. For example, advanced lipid testing may be recommended by your healthcare provider to optimize your cholesterol treatment.


However, since standard cholesterol tests may not completely represent cholesterol-related risk for heart attacks and strokes, advanced lipid tests are performed. In addition, there are more invasive methods of diagnostics that can help. These include cardiac catheterization, also known as a ‘cardiac cath,’ which is frequently used for diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of heart conditions. 


Also, risk factors for vascular disease such as peripheral arterial disease include diabetes, high blood pressure, family history, smoking, high cholesterol, kidney disease and stress. 


As a result, a simple test that a doctor can perform in the office to determine if you have peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is an Ankle Brachial Index (ABI), that compares the blood pressure in your ankle to that in your arm; because if the pressure is lower in your ankle than your arm, there is a chance that you have PAD. Similarly, other tests include upper/lower extremity doppler, peripheral angiography, lower extremity angioplasty & stenting and atherectomy.


Richmond Heart and Vascular in Mechanicsville, Virgina provides comprehensive cardiovascular disease management. For instance, we have a team of experienced and caring board-certified cardiologists,  advanced practice providers, nurses, cardiovascular technologists and medical assistants. As a result, we are committed to providing high quality cardiac care in Mechanicsville, Virginia. Thus, our practice is here to support you at every step of your heart and vascular health journey.

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